Power Line Antenna II


Superior Frequency Range & Improved Voltage Protection

Power Line Antenna II hardware

The CTL-SystemWare Power Line Antenna II (PLA II) offers unmatched performance, user flexibility and an extremely wide frequency range. With an RF spectral coverage of 1kHz to 1.25GHz and voltage protection up to 480VAC, PLA II addresses the increased threats caused by the technological improvements in carrier current devices and power line and conductor infrastructure. The PLA II, designed to operate with CTL-SystemWare’s full complement of RF sensor products and software, can also be utilized with generic spectrum analyzers or software defined radios of your choice. Equipped with Ethernet, USB, manual controls and embedded browser support, the PLA II allows the user to automatically cycle between conductor pairs during a sweep or manually when used as a stand-alone unit.

Example Uses:

  • Quickly Scan 3-States of Power Line Conductors
    (CTL-SW Sensor Sweep w/PLA II)
PLA II Quickly Scans 3-States of Power Line Conductors
  • Analyze Detected Power Line Signal
    (CTL-SW Sensor Interactive Plot w/PLA II)
PLA II Analyze Detected Power Line Signals
  • Browser Control Interface
PLA II Browser Control Interface


  • 1kHz - 1.25GHz Frequency Coverage
  • Up to 480VAC Power Support
  • Up to 60dB of Attenuation
  • Automated Switching Between States of Power via Ethernet/USB Control
  • Manual Switching for use with Spectrum Analyzers or SDRs
  • Browser Command and Control


  • Gain: 15dB @ 0 Attenuation Setting
  • Line Input: 0-480VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Output: Two SMAs; 50 OHM
    • RF 1: 1kHz to 1.25GHz
    • RF2 Upconvert: 3GHz to 4.25GHz
  • Filtering: >140dB; High-Pass and Notch Filters Attenuate the AC Line Components
  • Attenuation (Manual): 0, 10, 20, 40dB or Combination Up to 60dB
  • Attenuation (Remote): 60dB; 1dB Steps
  • Auto and Manual Control: 3 Channels; PN, PG and NG
  • Power Supply Voltage: 5VDC
  • Power Consumption: <3W
  • Physical Size: 7.45”x 4.72”x 1.71”



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