Spectrum Guard Elite


Redesigned for more demanding operational environments

Built to Operate Where You Do

Spectrum Guard Elite standing and on side

The CTL|SystemWare Spectrum Guard Elite combines hardware and software into a ruggedized portable Radio Frequency (RF) detection and monitoring system that is small, lightweight, and easy to use. The software application interface is accessible by users with minimal RF knowledge, but also provides all the tools an experienced EW operator or Spectrum Manager needs to accomplish the mission. The Spectrum Guard Elite is intended to be used for RF signals collection and analysis in support of static, vehicle or mobile operations. It is ideal for use to evaluate Wi-Fi and cellular spectrum for unauthorized transmissions.

Intuitive Software Design Meets a Range of Customer Missions:

  • Electronic Warfare Support
  • Spectrum Management Operations
  • EMS Signature and Characterization
  • Wi-Fi Detection and Signal Verification
  • RF Test and Measurement
  • Security Services
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) compliance testing
  • Force Protection
  • Spectrum Guard Elite Can Be Used Individually or as Part of an Array
  • Low Bandwidth Standards Based Communications can be used with Ethernet, Tactical Radios, or Cellular



  • 1kHz-26.5GHz Frequency Response
  • Hardened GPS Solution with Jamming and Spoofing Detection and Mitigation Capabilities
  • Ruggedized and Environmentally Protected Chassis
  • IF Out Capability
  • Wireless or Ethernet Control
  • Portable and Lightweight, Fits in a Rucksack
  • Supports Operation Using MIL Batteries, Shore Power, and Vehicle Power
  • User-Definable Sweep Parameters
  • Discrete Frequency Scans with Individual Channel Settings
  • Automated and Remote Functions Allow the Systemto Run Unattended (Edge Processing)
  • Port Switching Options Available
  • Zoom Displays for Better Analysis and Signal Measurements
  • Dynamically Adjustable Threshold Sensitivity
  • Signals of Interest Displayed via User-Defined Limits
  • Signals are Presented in Multiple, Easy to Read Formats that are Readily Integrated with Your Needs

Wireless Collection and Analysis:

  • 802.11 Protocol Detection (a, b, g, n, and ac)
  • 802.11 MAC Address Display
  • SSID Detection
  • Signal Strength
  • Able to Discern Hardware Manufacturer of Detected Devices
  • Packet Identification and Analysis
  • PCAP Capture and Streaming
  • Bluetooth Protocol Detection and MAC Address Display
  • Zigbee Protocol Detection (700, 800,900 MHz and 2.4 GHz) and NODE Address Display
  • European Zigbee Protocol Detection (868/915 MHz)
  • MAC/NODE Address Registration
  • Authorized vs. Unauthorized Lists


  • Power Supply Voltage: 10-36VDC
  • Power Consumption: <60W
  • Physical Size: 12.8”x 9.8”x 3.5”

Software Functions and Capabilities:

  • Sweep the RF Spectrum with User-Defined Frequency Parameters
  • Spectrum Operations Module Informed by the EW and Spectrum Operations Community Needs
  • Third Party Integration with Your Existing Spectrum Analysis and Situational Awareness Tools
  • Maximum Sweep up to 240 GHz/sec
  • IF Record and Output
  • Signal Fingerprint
  • Frequency (Channel) Scan
  • Multiple Visual Representations of the RF Spectrum
  • 2D Display, Waterfall Display, and Display Zooming Feature
  • Signal of Interest Frequency List
  • Real-Time Signal Analysis
  • One-Button or Automatic Audio Recording
  • Classification of Common Digital and Analog Signals
  • Video Recreation (NTSC/PAL)
  • Post-Collection Data Analysis Tools
  • Consolidated Exceedance List
  • Colored Raster


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