Commonly referred to as a “Bug Sweep,” a properly conducted Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweep goes well beyond what you will see in a movie. Unlike most TSCM service providers, we understand that every organization is different and subsequently requires a tailored approach to effectively mitigate potential risks. Our equipment is the standard within the highest levels of the US Government. As such, we utilize our own proprietary TSCM products to ensure the greatest detection probability of modern threats.



A technical vulnerability assessment is the fundamental tool in developing a comprehensive technical overview of a client’s environment. We compare the identified technologies to known vulnerabilities and exploits to develop a strategic mitigation plan. This allows the client to prioritize their efforts beginning with their greatest concerns. The assessment often leads directly to a TSCM and/or Cyber service tailored to the client’s needs.


Managed Services

Our network services team specializes in designing, building, and deploying highly secure networks that enable our customers to communicate and collaborate with confidence, while shielding not only their identities, but that of their partners and the nature of their business activities.

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