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What threats are facing your organization? Due to the rapidly evolving nature of technical security vulnerabilities, that question can be difficult to answer regardless of your preparedness and experience. CTL|SystemWare’s goal is to ensure its customers are able to answer that question by providing scenario based training and advanced tactics ensuring they are prepared to satisfy organizational risk mitigation policies.

Currently growing a program and don’t feel prepared to deal with known and potentially unknown threats? Let our trained technicians with extensive (Counterintelligence, TSCM, RF, Cellular) experience augment your organization while you strengthen your capabilities. CTL|SystemWare’s technicians have mitigated technical vulnerabilities worldwide and understand the latest procedural concepts and technologies to identify, isolate and neutralize modern threats.



CTL|SystemWare Training Opportunities

CTL|SystemWare’s technical security training consists of a variety of courses designed to train new technicians as well as update and refresh intermediate and senior technicians. Current topics such as radio frequency analysis and cellular network fundamentals and other topics customizable to your unique requirements.



CTL|SystemWare Services

CTL|SystemWare’s technical security services include Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Services “Bug Sweeps,” Technical Vulnerability Assessments (TVA), Cyber Security Services and Managed Services. Our technicians will give you confidence in understanding your technical vulnerabilities and establish best practices to maintain or improve your current security vulnerability level.

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