For more than 25 years CTL|SystemWare has developed state-of-the-art hardware and software products that feature the most advanced capabilities for countermeasure capabilities to address the rapidly developing technical security threats facing the United States Government, its allies and private sector organizations. Each product contains turnkey solutions that fit into any organization’s security procedures.

CTL|SystemWare’s products detect, identify and analyze the array of threats posed in cellular communication security, information security and radio frequency (RF) security. Our intuitive software enables operators with minimal experience to achieve quantifiable results, while providing all the advanced tools our experienced customers have grown to rely upon.


Radio Frequency Products

Spectrum Guard Portable Spectrum Analysis

A portable Radio Frequency (RF) detection and monitoring system that is small and lightweight. It utilizes an easy to understand interface designed so a new operator can obtain successful results.

Spectrum Patrol In-Place Monitoring System

A collection of sensors able to identify internal and external radio frequency threats while allowing differentiation between authorized and unauthorized devices.

Raider III Portable RF Spectrum Collection and Analysis

A portable, fully functional, turnkey Radio Frequency (RF) collection and analysis platform. Ideal for static or mobile application, Spectrum Patrol operates independently or as part of a multi-sensor system.


Four individual receivers collecting ISM technology data simultaneously to provide users with logical addressing, power levels, packet types, packet information and other unique details associated with WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee transmissions.

ARM Auxiliary Receiver Module

Implement the ARM into your existing CTL|SystemWare receiver to provide simultaneous Radio Frequency and Protocol Collection & Analysis.

Power Line ANtenna

The Power Line Antenna (PLA) covers the frequency range of 1 kHz to 50 MHz. When connected to a system containing a CTL|SystemWare Baseband Receiver, the combination provides the capability to scan and display all three phases of power from 1 kHz to 50 MHz in approximately one second.


Mobile Communications Products

Network Guard suite

The Network Guard suite of mobile security products protects your mobile communications from nefarious surveillance through unmatched technology capable of detecting and locating active or semi-active mobile phone interceptions.


Information Security Products

CommLock Connect

Utilizing the same CommLock technology that runs Rampart, CommLock Connect protects any IP-enabled device such as computers, SCADA and healthcare equipment, and even mobile platforms with hardware-based security.


FlashZero protects proprietary information, trade secrets, classified data, HIPAA-protected medical data, banking info, and any other sensitive files. With the touch of a button, FlashZero leaves zero trace of your private data. Available in USB and SSD form factors.

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