Basic System Operations Courses

Our Basic System Operations Course will familiarize new users with the CTL|SystemWare product line, utilizing hands on exercises to better understand how to detect, identify, analyze, and locate RF threats. At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Setup, network, configure a Sensor and Resource Manager for single Sensor operation
  • Run Baseline and Comparison Sweeps in real-time
  • Perform Real-Time Analysis of signals of interest
  • Perform Post-Collection Analysis of signals of interest
  • Configure the product for use with optional devices

Two basic courses are currently offered:

  • Basic Raider III Training
  • Basic Spectrum Guard Training


Enhanced System Operations Course

Our Enhanced System Operations Course is designed to provide a medium to develop new techniques in signal acquisition, identification, analysis, and localization. The course is focused on post collection signal analysis and upon completion, the user will:

  • Understand the relationship between saved data files, baseline files, difference files, and exceedance files
  • Create baseline files, difference files, and exceedance files from different data files.
  • Perform Post Collection Analysis using Analysis Plots, Exceedance List Report, Wireless Test Analysis.
  • Create Fingerprints and Templates to be used in Signal of Interest Search
  • Perform Signal of Interest Search Post-Collection using templates, parameters, and frequency searches.
  • Analyze IF recorded signal in order to identify elements and signal characteristics.

Course Length: Five days

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